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Frequently Asked Questions


A fundamental purpose of the Trust is to benefit its Members, how does the Trust do this?

The Trust currently does the following to benefit its members:

    • Register of Members: Holds and is tasked with growing a register of Iwi members. This allows the Trust to better understand its people, help whanau connect with their Marae, and allows the Trust to communicate effectively with its members.
    • Provision of kaimoana: provision of kaimoana to marae and hui held by a Raukawa ki te Tonga entity.
    • Funding to Marae and Iwi/hapū entities: The trust also makes charitable funding to marae and iwi/hapū entities.

There is flexibility under the Trust Deed to do a broader range of mahi to benefit Iwi members - this will be explored over the coming years as our pūtea and number of registered members increase and as our strategic direction evolves.


Why has the Trust set up a company to undertake its commercial activities? 

The establishment of the AHC is a requirement under the Act.  There are strong commercial reasons to establish such a vehicle to undertake business activity including isolation of risk, business focus of the AHC and more scope to diversify investments. 


Does the Trust have oversight of the AHC?

Given the MIO has ultimate accountability to Iwi membership it has certain powers and oversight functions including:

    • Appointing and removing Directors of AHC.
    • Approval of AHC Constitution, major transactions, statement of intent and annual plans.
    • AHC provides written reports to the MIO on its activities and financials at each Trustee hui. Some AHC Directors attend the MIO Trustee hui to talk through the report giving the MIO the ability to be updated and ask questions.
    • Without affecting AHC day to day management decisions the MIO and AHC have current working arrangements in place to ensure effective oversight.


I want to know more about what the Trust does, what should I do?

Looking at this website is a good start.  The Annual Reports also are a good way to get a handle on Trust business.

Attending the Annual General Meeting or send us an email or Facebook message and ask us a question.


Why should I register?

To connect with Iwi/hapū/marae/whānau, access Iwi benefits which currently include Marae and Iwi entity funding and fish distributions, stay updated on Iwi business including activities and hui and have a direct say in decisions that affect you and your whanau.


Should I register my kids?

Yes. When you register you can register your children on the same form. Children (under 18 years of age) will be registered but not for voting purposes.


Can Whangai Register?

Yes.  Subject to verification.


Can my partner/spouse register?

Only those who whakapapa to Raukawa ki te Tonga directly or as Whangai can register. 

If your partner/spouse does not whakapapa in this way then he/she cannot be registered.


What are kaupapa tuku iho?

See - Link to Kaupapa page (Right-hand column link) on About page


I want to know more information about Māori Fisheries generally, where shall I go?


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